Software Engineering Seminar Topics List

Updated on 04/04/2015

1) SQUID proxy in linux

2) Query optimization

3) Green Computing/Green Cloud

4) Search Engine

5) Wireless Vechicle Logger

6) Secure Zone based Routing

7) Protocol for MANET

8) Voice over Bluetooth using Voip

9) Information retrieval system

10) Software cost Estimation

11) Secure VOIP over WLAN

12) Mobile data Management

13) Security and access control

14) Sensor & Ad-hoc n/w

15) Computer & n/w security

16) Azure O.S

17) Carbon nano tube

18) Internet Security (Broad area of research/ seminar)

19) ACL

20) IDS


22) ACL Structure

23) Algorithms

24) Firewalls

25) LINUX Based IP chains and Tables

26) Snorts

27) Watch Dog

28) Manager Based IDS

29) Algorithm improvisation

30) Optimal parameters

31) Architecture improvisation

32) Current scenario advantage monitoring tools for internet security

33) Types of attack

34) Protocol design for improvising internet security

35) Protocol design for improvising internet security

36) Security in LINUX (Practical Implementation)

37) Network control and management

38) Topology control and management in internet security

39) Node localization techniques

40) Security and privacy issues

41) IPV4 And IPV6

42) Security in IPV6

43) Security in MANET (Mobile Ad-Hoc network)

44) Current architecture of MANET

45) Mirage theory for deception based detection(shortcomings)

46) Intrusion detection in MANET (latest)

47) Zone based IDS(shortcomings and algorithm)

48) Agents in IDS

49) Signature based vesus anomaly IDS

50) Host based S network based IDS

51) ID in Hippocratic database

52) Parameter to enhance the working of algorithm for web content mining suitable for mobile device

53) Security issues in Ad hoc network

54) Issues in mobile internet protocol

55) Secure routing protocols in internet

56) Virtual reality current technologies and improvising

57) Security issues in defence and proposed solutions

58) Design and implementation of multipath routing

59) Genetic algorithm for enforcing security

60) Information retrival technique for IDS

61) Study of any tool for IDS (Practical implementation)

62) Infrasrtructure challenges for IDS

63) Problem with network based IDS

64) Multilocation network based real time IDS

65) Enhance network IDS in a smart enterprise environment

66) Measuring the performance of current IDS

67) Security network audit log on a untrusted machine

68) Design and implementation of IDS for LINUX system/ Window

69) Design of a sniffer detector and its implementation

70) Improvisation for autonomous agent for IDS

71) Advanced framework based on attack strategy analysis for IDS

72) Minimizing the limitation of IDS on high speed network

73) Study and analysis of CERN network security monitor

74) Optomization the performance of HAXOR ID sensor

75) Role based ACL performance

76) Implementation role based access control using object technology

77) Comparison of current ACL algorithm

78) Future of internet security

79) Survey of internet security breaches in countries

80) Optimizing signature based extrusion detection

81) Study of NS-2 simulator

82) Enhancing the performance of manager selection algorithm

83) Comparison of manager selection algorithm in static and dynamic condition

84) Enhancing the performance of AIPM

85) Shortcomings of self securing network interface architecture

86) Enhancing the performance of current web crawler

87) Security issues in web crawling

88) Implementation and architecture issues of wireless network IDS

89) Optimizing the performance of CSI-KNN algorithm for dependable NIDS

90) Evaluation and analysis of deployment priorities of IDS

91) Performance analysis of protocol basd IDS

92) Improvising the design of honey pot system applied in the LAN security

93) Advance pattern matching algorithm for IDS

94) Enhancing the colony algorithm for IDS

95) Study and comparison of secure routing in MANET

96) Study and optimization of swarn intelligent secure routing algorithm for networks

97) Efficient routing algorithm for internet securtiy

98) Enforcing network security standards issues in IPV6

99) Qualnet simulator (working presentation)

100) Performance analysis of qualnet simulator in network

101) Current trends in wearable computing

102) Current technologies used in biometrics

103) Uses of boi metric In network security

104) Fine-grained access control (implementation in SQL)

105) Comparative study of intrusion prevention system(IPS) and IDS

106) Data mining algorithms for network security

107) Study and analysis the performance mobile agent

108) Security protocol for sensor network

109) Comparative study of 2G,3G,4G

110) DNA computing in security

111) Agent operating system

112) Bio molecular computer

113) MPEG 7

114) Visual cryptography with documentation

115) Zone based ANT colony routingin MANET

116) Audio captcha: existing solutions assessment and a new implementation for VoIP technology

117) Bubble sensing

118) Agent based system and application

119) Multicasting in AD-HOC networks

120) Embedded auditors for intrusion detection

121) Application of genetic algorithm I network routing